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Download your Program to RCX

Working with Interactive C will allow you to program for a physical object. You can write programs that control motors and other outputs, and you can recieve information from sensors.


To work with the Lego RCX and Interactive C, you will want to be able to program and run on a brick. Here is some info on getting started.


Write your program in Interactive C. - http://dhsbotball.pbwiki.com/InteractiveC

Save your program to the hard drive of your computer.

Upload your program to your wiki.

Make a page for your InteractiveCPrograms on your wiki.

Make a link to your program on your InteractiveCPrograms page.

Go to a computer with a Lego infrared tower.

Go to your wiki page with the link to your program.

click on the link to your program.

The program should download to the desktop.

Open the program in Interactive C.



The rcx will need to have the proper output and input devices.


Turn the RCX on.

The RCX probably has old firmware, you can run a program in slots 1 or 2 that just runs the motors forward. This will allow you to test the construction of your vehicle.


Download the firmware

Click the download button in Interactive C.

You will probably get an error message saying that the RCX isn't being communicated with.

One of the messages on the error message should be "Download Firmware".

When you click "Download Firmware" you will see a new window.

Below the main part of the window are three buttons.

The middle button should be "Download Firmware"

YOu should see a progress bar that shows how much of your program is loaded.

When it is done, you should see a message that says it downloaded successfully.


Download your program

Go to your wiki, and find the page with the link .

Open your program in Interactive C

Click the Download button.

You should see a pencil image on the screen and a rising set of numbers.

When it is done, it should beep

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