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In this project, you will create a new version of a game made in another language. Many online games are available through use of java applets.


In scratch, you have control over many of the appearances and behaviors that will allow you to mimic the feel of other games.


Analyze the game

Spend some time playing the game, keeping in mind that your purpose of playing it is to figure out how it could be programmed.

Write up what components of the game are and what they need to do.

Identify the sprites you will need for the game.

Identify backgrounds you will need.

Figure out the game play and strategies you will need to implement.


Start making the game

Keep it basic at first.

Add a sprite, make it move like the one in the referenced game.

Add the background, make it look similar to the referenced game.

Add some interaction, make it similar to the referenced game.


Work as a group

You can have several people work together on a project.

Have one person make a sprite, then export it.

It should be then possible for another person to add the sprite to their game.

You can upload the game to the scratch site.

You can also upload your sprites to your wiki and provide links to them for other people to use.

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