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Now that the competition is complete, we will work in small groups of two or three to program and build a robot that can solve a problem that you articulate.


Program your robot or device to:

  • Have output through motors, sound etc.
  • Respond to its environment through switches, sensors and other input
  • Use statements, variables and functions in your program
  • Comment your code with your names and information about what is happening.
  • Declare and use variables.
  • Declare and use functions.
  • main() should have function calls and not much else.

Your focus in this project should be on programming and testing your programs.

Your efforts should include information gathering and curiosity about the programming process.

Share information with your classmates about the things you figure out.

Help each other to get it right.

Your program should not be disruptive to others in the class.

Devices should be as autonomous as possible.



Working groups

You will be working in groups of one, two or three.



For this project, you may use the Roomba, XBC, Pico Cricket, or Lego RCX brick.


Programming environment

To program this device, you will use the Interactive C programming platform.



You will write code in C that makes the device move and respond to its environment. Depending on which system you use, the libraries may be more robust or less. Your program must have comments in it explaining what the device is doing.


Use of Functions in your code

Your main() should be as simple as possible, with mainly calls to other functions. In the other functions, the program will have the robot do the tasks.


Use of Motors

You must use motors in your program. You can have them run the robot around, or you can have the robot move a mechanism.


Use of sensors

You must use at least one sensor. The input from the sensor must cause the robot to respond to its environment.



Include your code, with comments explaining what the device does. Write up a brief explanation of what the device has been programmed to do and how it accomplishes the task.

Here are some programs you can download - http://dhscpp.pbwiki.com/f/icprograms.zip


Due dates:

We will have a presentation during the week before April Vacation. The audience of the presentation may include students, teachers, administrators and community members


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