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Video games can be good, entertaining, or dull, boring and a waste of money and time. Here are some of the qualities that you have voiced as being either good or bad:




Variety of play

quality graphics

online features

community of players

cheats and glitches that help you


right level of difficulty

interesting story

fun to go off on your own and explore the map

challenging levels and enemies

short cut scenes that enhance the story

different attacks with a weapon

lots of things to kill

short tutorial

blood and gore

choice of charactars/cutomization

changes in scenery

unique and or amazing situations

interaction with charactars, situation in the game

Story line relates to the game play

awesome looking weapons/charactars

different difficulty settings






low quality graphics

dull story

long cut scenes that can't be skipped

unclear objective or point of the game

being stuck to the story and unable to explore

hard to use controls

enemies that are too easy or hard


glitches that get you stuck

game is too short or too long

puzzles that are too complex

no multiplayer

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